Here’s something I never thought I would see.

Texans will soon be able to get a four-year bachelor degree at a community college. ABC 13 reports that Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation into place that will allow community colleges to offer multiple four-year bachelor degree programs.

As someone who went to both Vernon College and Midwestern State University, I can tell you that the difference in the cost of tuition between the two institutions is astronomical. This measure is going to get people into good paying jobs without racking up a massive amount of student debt.

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The College of the Mainland has already announced a four-year bachelor program in nursing.

Dr. Jerry Fliger, Vice President of Instruction at the College of the Mainland called the move a step forward:

This is a step forward in the College of the Mainland's history. It is not a new step, it is a continuation of where we've been going for some time.

A step forward is a bit of an understatement, in my opinion. I think this is a huge development in the world of higher education.

Think about it. Whether you agree with it or not, education beyond the high school level is business and competition is good for business.

Therefore, the fact of the matter is that we all benefit when more entities compete for our business.

I’m all for putting Texans into better paying jobs without saddling them with debt that will drag them down for many years to come.

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