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We have the renaissance fair taking place this Halloween. We have haunted houses open for the season. There are trunk-or-treats.

Now, you can add a self-guided haunted tour of Amarillo to your holiday to-do list.

The way the tour works is actually pretty interesting. You purchase the tour, and then you follow along using your phone. No tour guide. Go at your own pace and enjoy the spooky side of Yellow City.

The tour highlights killing sprees, haunted buildings, and curses in Amarillo.

Since moving to Amarillo, I have been fascinated by some of the stories that the city has when it comes to things that go bump in the night. From ghost children and curses to a portal leading to Hell, I've heard it all.

I guess that's why I find this tour so interesting. One of the reviews came from someone who claimed to live here their whole life, and even they learned something new.

The website for the tour says that it will take about an hour to complete the drive.

If you're nervous about being in crowds this year, this might be a good alternative for you. The only people on the tour will be yourself and who you can convince to go on the ride with you.

Purchasing the ride will set you back $20. Not bad compared to other Halloween festivities, and considering it takes an hour to get through.

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