This time of year is all about changes. For some people, those changes can be drastic ones.

According to a recent article by News Channel 10, divorce rates go up in January. They interviewed an attorney who basically said that people think about it, but will put it off until after the holidays are over.

They also said that it may be to people wanting to start fresh in a new year.

It really takes that "new year, new me" mentality to a whole other level.

Divorce is no laughing matter, and it isn't something to take lightly. Speaking from experience it is expensive, destructive, and if children are involved it is something that sticks with you forever. No matter how many conversations I had with lawyers, counselors, and therapists there wasn't anything that truly prepared me for it.

The trend actually happens across the country, and isn't limited to just us, but there is a little hope in their report. It is mentioned that most people will file and then during the 60 day "cooling off" period, they reconcile and move on.

You can read more on their report by following this link. And if you're thinking about untying the knot, think long and hard about the rest of not just your life, but everyone's involved.

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