It's the last thing I think any of us really want to think about right now. We've had to cancel so many holiday plans, and it looks like the first "big" holiday of 2021 could be one you spend at home as well. It's going to be insanely cold this weekend.

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With the forecast calling for accumulating snow and wind chills around -15 to -30; you might want to consider celebrating at home.

There are businesses altering their hours because of the weather coming this weekend. There are events that are being canceled.

It will be okay, though. There are a lot of ways you can celebrate at home.

Dance in your kitchen or living room. Sounds silly, and the dog might roll their eyes at you, but it beats sitting around being cold and bored. Also, if you pick the right music, it can actually be a romantic experience.

Cook at home and light some candles you have laying around. It's not too difficult to set the mood and have that candlelit dinner. Who cares if it's the fresh linen scented candle from the bathroom. Go ahead and light it, put it on the table, and don't burn the dinner.

There's the classic cuddle under a blanket and watch a movie date night. Guys, it's the one night of the year where it's pretty much expected you will watch a rom-com. No, True Lies doesn't count. I've asked. You could make this one more modern with "Netflix and chill," which usually ends up having the same result as "DVD, and chill."

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