If you've watched Tiger King (and if you haven't, you need to) you might be happy to know, it doesn't look like it's all over. No, it seems this is all far from over.

My friends I grew up with in Oklahoma and I are almost talking about Joe Exotic daily now. Living in Oklahoma, we laughed at the country songs, the glamour shots, and the videos. But never did we ever think things were this crazy.

The memes are flowing, the rumors are flying, and things are really just getting started.

In Lawton, about 45 minutes from where I grew up, this sign popped up.

Now the rest of the country is in on it, and things are getting even crazier. There are petitions to get President Trump to pardon Joe Exotic. News came out that Cardi B wanted to set up a GoFundMe for Joe (she has since said she was joking).

Everyone from the documentary has been interviewed in depth. There's even rumors floating around that there is enough material for two more seasons.

We should be so lucky.

Also, the case regarding the disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband is being looked at again.

In fact, the only people it would seem that aren't happy about all of the attention are the Baskins. They have taken to social media to discuss their disapproval of how the documentary made them look.

If you had told me several years ago, while I was sitting with friends laughing at the latest Joe Exotic headlines that one day he would be the hottest topic in the nation next to a global pandemic, I would have said you were absolutely insane.

I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong.

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