The relationship between Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne has been tense for over half a century. The respect is mutual, but there's always been something keeping them a bit at odds. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, the two have been in contact every day.

Iommi, who lives in Worcestershire, England, has been hunkering down at home in self-isolation with his wife, Maria Sjöholm. With an auction of personal items which will benefit Birmingham hospitals now live, the guitarist spoke with Birmingham Mail, revealing what else he's been up to at home.

"I’ve washed the car, cleaned the garage out, done all those little jobs that you realize needed doing, just like everyone else," said Iommi, who, despite being the godfather of heavy metal, still has his regular household chores to do.

The Black Sabbath icon is keeping busy on the couch as well, settling in for two programs in particular. "Maria and I have been binge-watching TV, too – we’ve been doing Ozark and Boardwalk Empire."

Music isn't far off his mind either as he added, "and I’ve been playing guitar," noting a similarity to his old lifestyle, stating, "It’s a bit like being on tour, without getting out to play. You’re stuck in the room each night."

As a 72-year-old man and someone who battled lymphoma for multiple years, Iommi is considered to be at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. This isn't lost on those living nearby the metal legend and they've made attempts to pitch in. "Neighbors have dropped a note through the door, asking if I want any shopping," he explained, exclaiming, "They’re looking out for the poor old sod!"

While social distancing measures are in place to keep people physically apart to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Iommi feels a stronger sense of community within the heart. "I think this has brought us all closer," said the guitarist, who went on to mention that he and his old bandmate talk constantly these days. "I’m even in touch with Ozzy every day as he gets over his own health problems in [Los Angeles]," he confessed.

These words are especially great to hear considering Osbourne said earlier this year that Iommi still "intimidates the fuck out of me — and he knows it."

Meanwhile, Iommi's charity auction, which was inspired by cleaning out his studio, began on April 6 and is set to expire one week from today (April 9). See what's up for grabs here.

Now, Mr. Iommi, how about working on the "loads" of new material you've got ready to record? The world could use a few new all-time riffs right now.

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