It's happening. The removal of blue checkmarks from Twitter accounts has officially begun, and not even famous faces are immune.

Twitter announced that it would be removing all of the checkmarks yesterday (April 19).

"Tomorrow, 4/20, we are removing legacy verified checkmarks. To remain verified on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue here," a tweet read.

Localized pricing begins at $8 per month or $84 per year in available countries, according to Twitter Blue.

Since the removal of checkmarks went into place, everyone from Beyonce to Justin Bieber, to Kim Kardashian and even the Pope have lost their verified marks.

However, there are some accounts that have skirted past the removal of their checkmarks.

As of reporting, Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and other high-profile names have not yet had the checkmark removed.

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Many were quick to react to the removal of the blue checkmark on certain accounts.

"It's hilarious that verification went from being the sign that someone is legit to being the sign that someone should be avoided. RIP BLUE CHECK," said one Twitter user.

"They finally iced my blue check. RIP to a useless and embarrassing computer thing that will be impossible to explain in five years," another commented.

"Damn. rip my blue check mark. u got me laid at least one time, gone but never forgotten <3," someone joked.

Prior to the purging of accounts with blue checkmarks, Twitter had 420,000 verified accounts, according to Variety. What's more, the publication goes on to note that the intense purpose of the blue check - which was first established in 2009 - is to establish that a high-profile account is who they say that they are and to not cause any confusion with those pretending to be them.

Check out more reactions below:

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