Invisible Genie in downtown Amarillo is a unique space for art in our community. It is described as, " artist ran gallery and work space in downtown Amarillo, Tx.  The gallery highlights underrepresented regional artists.  Each exhibition is a solo venture."

For instance, the rAt TrafFic exhibition that began earlier this month. It's a unique take on rats, and life during the pandemic in Washington D.C.

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Born Of A Real Rat Problem In A Real D.C. Neighborhood

Push Pop Star 2022, Morgan Kuster
Push Pop Star 2022, Morgan Kuster

According to a press release from Invisible Genie, the works presented in the exhibition were inspired by life during shutdown and a very real rat problem. Morgan Kuster, the artist behind the digital drawings, found a way to stay busy and creative. She branched out into a medium she had never worked in before, and the result is stunning.

Real Emotions Presented In Vibrant Colors

The vibrant colors used in the pieces represent a longing for the freedom we enjoyed before the pandemic. When you take a closer look, however, you notice things like the eyes.

Sleep Deprived 2022, Morgan Kuster
Sleep Deprived 2022, Morgan Kuster

The eyes and expressions represented in each piece reflect the wide range of emotions we all felt, and still somewhat feel, in a world dealing with the pandemic.

No, These Aren't Just Pictures Of Rats

According to the press release, the pieces are portraits of fellow residents of Mt. Pleasant, Washington D.C. and some may be considered self portraits of the artist herself. All of them attempting to cope with living in such uncertain times.

Who, What, Where, When

The exhibition will run through July 22, 2022 at the Invisible Genie, 321 SW 7th in Amarillo.

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