Small businesses are one of the many groups taking a beating right now during the pandemic. For some, they've been able to find a way to still bring in some money by adjusting how they operate. For others it isn't so simple.

A prime example of this is the Vault in Amarillo. A local small business that caters to families and gamers by offering a place for people to gather and enjoy games together.

Unfortunately, their time is running out as this Facebook post made very clear:

Some friends of mine asked me why I shared that post to my personal Facebook page. This is why...

They had lock-ins on Friday nights, giving kids a safe place to hangout and play games with their friends and maybe making some new ones.

They're heavily involved in a lot of community events, and raise funds for several organizations in town. They host tournaments frequently.

There's already an outpouring of support on the fundraiser page, and if you want to see how you can help, check out the fundraiser here.

Also, be sure to check in on their live streams via Facebook, and subscribe to their Twitch channel.



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