You’ve seen our compilation of The Most Wasted Drummers of All Time, so it’s only fair we give guitarists their moment in the sun!

One of the kings of drunken onstage performances is Max Bemis from Say Anything. A little liquor can be useful to loosen up onstage, but one too many sips and you’re down for the count. In this compilation, you’ll see Bemis desperately try to hold in his vomit, only to upchuck his liquid dinner onstage, likely splashing an unfortunately security guard in the process.

Is there any better live video than Azazel at Steelfest? Cementing themselves as the drunkest band in history, the black metal underdogs stumbled their way into infamy through one of the best and worst performances you’ll ever see. The band’s guitarist was especially three sheets to the wind, eventually falling off the stage and into the barricade.

One guitarist in this compilation was so wasted he couldn’t even stand up to play. You’ll see one of his bandmates actually prop him up from behind, helping the blotto axeman strum at his extremely unused Telecaster. After a few moments of successful vertical momentum, the guitarist eventually crashes into his own amp and begins his battle against blackout once again.

Check out The Most Wasted Guitarists of All Time in the Loud List below.

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