It is official. The Cowboys have named their new coach. Jerry Jones held a press conference with the new coach earlier today.

Welcome to Texas, Mike McCarthy.

If you're unfamiliar with Mike, think Green Bay. He was with the Packers for a long time, and had a lot of success.

Mike was the man at the helm when Aaron Rodgers rocketed to fame (the "discount double-check" guy). Mike coached Bret Favre in '07 and '08. Mike McCarthy even has a Superbowl ring as a coach.

None of this is what excites me though.

I'm happy for Dallas. I hope they can make some magic happen next season. Good Lord knows Dallas fans could use a break.

I'm excited because this means I don't have to sit for an entire off-season listening to people spread rumors that my favorite team's coach is headed to Dallas. I won't have to live hearing how Sean Payton left New Orleans for Dallas.

It's a rumor that pops up constantly. During bounty-gate, everyone talked about how Sean would leave Drew and the Saints and head for Dallas. If the Saints don't get the championship, everyone talks about Sean leaving for Dallas.

One thing is for sure, Sean Payton is not going to Dallas this year. Mike McCarthy is. That's why I'm excited.

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