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With the recent snowy weather we've had, I got a little curious and decided to see what information is out there regarding Amarillo and the possibility of a white Christmas. What I found wasn't very encouraging.

In the spirit of fairness, I decided to check more than one source. I was unable to find a forecast from the National Weather Service that went out that far (understandable), so I settled for Weather.com and the Farmer's Almanac.

Weather.com doesn't give one much hope for a white Christmas, at all. In fact, for the early part of next week they have highs around 60. Then on Christmas Day they're forecasting a high around 50.

Definitely too warm for snow.

The Farmer's Almanac, while a bit vague and non-specific, is a little bit more hopeful. Their forecast for December 24 - 31 calls for cold temperatures and "snowy periods." While that window of opportunity is pretty vague, it's still better than the warm Weather.com forecast.

Of course, there's no real way to know exactly what the weather is going to do on Christmas Day. Considering that we're over a week away from the big day, there's a lot that could happen between now and then.

Plus, it's Texas. You never really know what the weather is going to do. It goes through mood swings faster than a five-year-old watching the last half of "Old Yeller" for the first time.

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