A woman on TikTok has gone viral after making and modeling a dress constructed out of a single birth control information sheet.

TikTok user Sienna Quast — who uses the handle @siennaquast on the platform — showed off her creation in a brief video.

The dress features a chic halter top and a flared bottom; it appears to be held together with tape.

Instead of showing off her Project Runway-worthy look (truly, this is the epitome of an Unconventional Materials Challenge winner) on an actual runway, Quast delivered some Top Model-worthy poses on TikTok. She soundtracked the video to Katy Perry's "California Gurls."

Check out her look below:

Quast's TikTok went absolutely viral on the app. At the time of publishing, it has been viewed more than 2.9 million times. More than 570,000 people liked the clip, and it received thousands of comments.

While she didn't caption the video originally, Quast shared some insight in the comments section. The creator said she was "emotionally exhausted" by discussions about abortion politics.

"[It's] a very real and important issue but [I'm] not [A]merican," she added. "And being exposed to the news everywhere [I] turn isn't helping anyone."

Despite Quast seemingly distancing herself from political commentary, others had plenty to say about the fashionable look.

"Now this would make a statement at a bar," one viewer wrote. Quast was in agreement: "Wait I love that idea," she replied in all caps.

"Don't give [Balenciaga] any ideas," someone joked.

"Love it," another gushed. "This is camp."

"Another day another slay PERIODDDD," someone commented.

"Make earrings out of tampons to really add *pizzaz,*" another hilariously recommended.

Some people also poked fun at the absurdity of the info sheet being so expansive.

"'How people still get pregnant on birth control?' *the directions telling you not to eat kiwis on rainy days,*" another joked.

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