You may have seen footage of Foo FightersDave Grohl falling off stage at a recent show in Las Vegas. Well, turns out Grohl’s spill wasn’t the only unexpected highlight from the gig. A drunk fan named "Jay from Bombay" invaded Foo Fighters’ stage, singing along with the band and almost taking out Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit.

Foo Fighters performed at a private event on Jan. 9, which probably explains how the world’s drunkest man found himself side by side with Dave Grohl. Jay from Bombay was onstage with the Foos for seven minutes, prancing around and doing his best air guitar before Grohl called him over.

“Yeah, baby! This is what I’m talking about!” the raspy voiced Jay screamed into Grohl’s mic. Grohl, Jay and guitarist Pat Smear enjoyed some champagne together before Jay said, for some reason, “If anybody can do it, we can do it!”

The Foos jammed “Stay With Me” by the Faces, and by the end of the track, the crowd was chanting Jay’s name. After Jay was dismissed by Grohl, the renegade, middle-aged fan climbed up onto Hawkins’ drum riser, almost falling backwards and colliding with the drum kit as Jay waved his arms around frantically.

Bassist Nate Mendel rushed over to catch Jay, but the fan was somehow sober enough to land on his feet. That was the end of Jay’s tenure as the Foo Fighters’ frontman, as security led him away for some much needed come-down time.

Watch the exploits of Jay from Bombay in the video above.

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