Guitar Center has to be the worst place in the world to work at when you're hungover, right? Whether its capable shredders treating the store like a silent audition for any band anyone within earshot happens to be in or ham-fisted noobs tripping over power chords, everyone who walks in plays the same riffs over and over with varying degrees of success. If you don't work there, now you too can feel the aural pain with this Loud List chronicling the 10 Worst Guitar Center Songs.

You've probably heard AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" so many times that you change the station whenever it comes on the radio. Nothing against it, it's a monster song, but unless Angus Young is playing that riff, nobody needs to hear it, not even from you, kid who plays it pretty well.

Okay, maybe the "Crazy Train" riff doesn't get old, but you'd more readily put your head in a vice than hear someone fumble their way through it on a banjo. "Mental wounds not healing / life's a bitter shame" ...Ozzy, you ain't kidding.

Perhaps the greatest sin of all, at least as outlined in Wayne's World, is the temptation to play Led Zeppelin's opus "Stairway to Heaven." When first learning to play guitar, this song feels like a pipedream, but once you've mastered it, it's like Jimmy Page just handed you a rolled up rock 'n' roll diploma. Trust us, not even your parents want to hear you play it, much less any Guitar Center employee.

Still, there's one song that nobody can resist. It's the first riff any guitarist learns. You know it, so don't make us tell you. If you can't figure it out, watch the video at the top of the page.

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