If you're looking to pick up some side cash, and dig trivia and free drinks, you might want to check out Geeks Who Drink. Geeks Who Drink will pay you $50 a night to host their trivia nights in Amarillo.

You will need a laptop, access to the internet, and a digital camera. Experience performing is a plus, but not required.

The cherry on top of the trivia-gig is the $25 bar tab that gets tossed in. That's a pretty nice perk. My current job doesn't give me a bar tab to do my job with. Well played Geeks.

You can get more details by checking out the Geeks Who Drink website. They even have a heart touching video for you to watch. The video is current hosts talking about how being a trivia host has added value to their lives.

For one host, the experience helped him with public speaking and it helped sharpen his wit. For others, they talk about how the experience helped them make friends.

If you don't feel like the wittiest person at the party, or if you don't have any friends, being a host seems to be a way to fix both of those problems.

Plus there's a bar tab involved.

You will also be asked to blog about the trivia nights you host. So a simple grasp on sentence structure and the English language might be things you'll want to be sure you have.

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