I previously posted about my skepticism regarding a post on Reddit asking people to audition for Ellen's Game of Games. I checked everything out, but was still unsure.

Not content to let this go, I kept digging. Long story short, my skepticism was misplaced.

It's legit. There is a casting call going right now, and the website is legit. As a show of good faith, I myself will be going through the application process. Here is the flyer with all of the details.


It's unfortunate that I don't post every little thing I do on my personal social media pages. Most of my antics are reserved for you guys. Maybe I can attach them all to my application.

What made me so cautious was the age of the account, the number of posts, what those posts were, and the fact that it was on the Internet. I grew up online. You can't trust most of what you see.

I'm not too proud though to admit when I'm wrong, though. As of this moment, it does seem that I was mistaken.

I really hope this doesn't sour my chances of getting on the show.

And if any one from casting is reading this, I didn't mean anything personal by this. I just expected this to end with me joining the Illuminati again.

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