Back in the day, TV shows like Top of the Pops, Countdown and American Bandstand would invite bands to perform, only to force them into miming entire songs. Most musicians went along with the “live performance,” but a handful were ballsy enough to take the piss out of those shows while millions watched at home.

When it comes to rebellion, no need to look any further than punk rock. During the late ’70s and early ’80s, the punk explosion was still hot, allowing underground acts access to a national platform. Bands like Public Image Ltd, Iggy Pop and Dead Kennedys offered ridiculous sets, but none beat the Stranglers on Top of the Pops. Before completely destroying the TV set, the British punks completely abandoned the facade of “playing,” and if you look close, you can see Jean-Jacques Burnel mime, “Fuck off all you silly cunts.”

Mike Patton delivered one of the funniest lip sync mockeries in history while playing “From Out of Nowhere.” The Faith No More vocalist began trilling his lips and tongue while overacting the more dramatic parts of the song. He even pretended to fellate the mic, doing the old tongue-inside-the-cheek trick.

We’re not sure if David Lee Roth was making a statement or just being David Lee Roth, but his antics on TV are hilarious either way. While jamming their cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” Roth just started jumping around instead of miming his voice. Just another incredible moment when DLR just didn’t GAF.

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