Adding to the "Things To Do in Amarillo" list is a soon-to-come 15-mile trail! WhereConstruction is underway on the new hiking and biking trail at the Rich Klein Sports Complex (one of my favorite places to go by the way).

Six Pack Outdoors is responsible for building the trail, and the best part? Six miles of it is ALREADY OPEN for you to go and enjoy while they work on finishing the other nine. Jeoff Hall, a Director at Six Pack Outdoors says, "Over the next three to four months we're going to be finishing up the trail system out here. When we get that finished, we're going to start working on a skills area for people to develop a mountain bike and bike handling skills out here that'll have some wooden features and some dirt features on it."

Develop a mountain bike? Ok, you've got my attention now...and probably my 10 year old son as well. The City of Amarillo has approved this expansive project, so in the coming weeks, they'll be looking for volunteers to help with things such as vegetation work, raking, building bridges and removing trash and debris from the area.

Amarillo and it's surrounding areas are quickly becoming a huge nature playground. Between this and MERUS opening up in Palo Duro Canyon, there are so many options to go out and enjoy the outdoors and everything that comes with it. So let's do it Amarillo! Dust off those bikes, oil up those chains and let's go hit the trails!

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