Amarillo has been blessed with local coffee shops. So why don't we take advantage of them?

There is something magical about holding a Starbucks cup. Your problems fade away with every sip of that chestnut praline latte. (Which, by the way, is one of Starbucks' most delicious creations)

But there are so many problems with Starbucks. First of all, it's an expensive habit. Most of their drinks are over $5. Second, you're losing the opportunity to support local business when you buy coffee from Starbucks.

Luckily, there are plenty of local options in Amarillo for amazing coffee.

  • 1

    Roasters Coffee & Tea

    Roasters is an established local favorite. They've been serving Amarillo for over 20 years. Their coffee is straight from a farm in Papua New Guinea and is roasted at their Georgia Street location.

  • 2

    Palace Coffee Co.

    Although Palace has only been in the Amarillo area for a few years, it has quickly become a local favorite. They serve bold coffee and creative drinks. Not to mention, they give a huge amount of profits to charity.

  • 3

    Evocation Coffee Roasters

    Evocation is the perfect place for people who are into the science of espresso. They are a micro-roastery, so their coffee is always freshly roasted.

  • 4

    Marshall Coffee Company

    Marshall might be small, but their coffee packs a big punch. With flavors like coconut cream and golden pecan, you might expect the coffee to be expensive, but it's one of the least expensive options in Amarillo.

  • 5

    Cliffside Coffee

    Cliffside recently opened in the basement of the Chase Tower downtown. They have gotten rave reviews for their coffee and are wowing with their fruit flavor-infused Red Bull.

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