It's the stuff you read about in books and watch happen in the movies. A well executed plan to breakaway from the bars of jail.

Every once in a great while, it's a successful break and the person is never found. Most of the time though, they're either caught before they can get off the grounds of the prison or shortly thereafter close by.

Here's just a few jailbreaks we've seen in the Amarillo area over the years

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This is the most recent jailbreak near us. Adam Rosa escaped from the Swisher County Jail just a touch over a month ago in May 2021. There aren't any details on how he escaped, but last word has him still out and free. He was last seen wearing jeans and a white tank top while carrying a red t-shirt.


Barnes may be one of the more infamous escapees. Reason being, he's attempted to escape a TON of times, twice from Potter County. He's used various different methods of escaping, including fleeing from the county jail rec yard to rappelling down 7 stories with bed sheets. Sure he's creative, but not very bright. Read more about his travels here.


Out of all the criminals that have attempted to escape, Thompson may be the most infamous one in Amarillo lore. Thompson killed an Amarillo police officer in order to land himself in jail. Once he was there, he decided to attempt escape EIGHT different times. Finally, they decided they'd had enough with him and shipped him to the famous Alcatraz. Once at Alcatraz, he was a part of the Battle of Alcatraz and survived that. He was ultimately executed in 1948. His story is a fascinating one, and you can read more about it here.

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