Digging through Facebook to see what's going on this weekend, I came across a grand opening for a bakery. This bakery has a bit of a twist on it; a super twist.

Wonder Womenz Bakery is having a grand opening Saturday (1/4/2020). Yes, the name is a nod to DC's resident Amazonian princess.

Apparently they've been in operation for a while, and have received glowing reviews from their customers.

Tomorrow they'll be serving up a brunch buffet, and will have baked goods up for grabs. It all kicks off around 10am.

Looking through the reviews, it looks like this is another one of those hidden jewels in Amarillo. They have a 5/5 star rating on Facebook with tons of recommendations to go with it.

You can find out more about the bakery by checking out their Facebook page. It's worth going to check out the photos of some of their cakes. They look great.

You can find out more about the grand opening brunch by checking out their Facebook event page.

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