I hate gift giving. I hate receiving gifts. The whole exchange strikes me as unintentionally awkward. Especially when you mean well, but wind up insulting the person you're giving the gift to.

When I was a kid, I was the skinny awkward kid whose clothes never fit right. My teeth were crooked. My eyeglasses could be used to start a fire on a sunny day.

For Christmas one year, my father decided that I need a set of weights and a barbell. He was going to teach me how to lift. He was going to encourage me to lift. Maybe I would toughen up a bit? Maybe gain some weight?

Looking back now, I see what was going on. I get that I was scrawny. That doesn't mean I need you to gift me something that I'm definitely never going to use to solve that problem.

Don't buy the love of your life a vacuum. Don't buy a subscription for a weight loss program for her. Don't buy your scrawny son a set of weights. Your subtle hint won't be so subtle.

The gift is for them. Not for you. When in doubt, just give cash.

Gift cards to favorite stores, also a great idea.

According to a recent study, jewelry is one of the hottest selling items on Black Friday. Those discounts run deep.

Also, lots of tech companies/stores will be running big savings on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can't go wrong with tech.

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