You know the old saying. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned. That goes double for Texas women, apparently.

A recent news story broke about a woman in Wichita Falls who was arrested for going after her husband, and his girlfriend, with a taser. According to the report, she got him on the hand with the taser.

According to the report, she found him with his girlfriend at a restaurant that doubles as a club on the weekends. As the two were trying to leave, she blocked them in with her car and that's when she drew her taser.

At one point, she claimed that he had called her to come pick him up. She then changed her story and said she had heard they were together and went to confront them, according to the report.

Also in the report, the man claimed that the woman (not the girlfriend) was the mother of his child.

She was charged with assault family violence.

The nature of their relationship isn't disclosed. You're left wondering if they're still married or separated. There's also nothing else mentioned about a child.

While I would never defend a philandering man's actions while in the confines of wedded bliss, I do think that tasing him in a parking lot might be a bit extreme. At least wait til you get home.

Also, fellas, be careful out there. They've replaced Tupperware parties with taser parties, in case you hadn't heard. Woman are armed now-a-days.

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