Reports came out this weekend that state that the flu has already hit the panhandle. In the report, a doctor is quoted as saying that this is a little early in the year.

As always, health officials and the CDC are recommending people get their flu shot. They say that while you may still get sick, the flu shot can "shorten the life of the virus and make the symptoms less severe."

They also recommend, as always, that if you feel sick you should just stay home. Understanding the work culture that we all live in, that's not a realistic possibility for most of us. So, be sure to wash your hands and wipe down your workspace to help stop the spread of germs.

For most of us the flu can be just an uncomfortable nuisance. A day in bed with some medicine and we're back to normal. For the rest of us, it can actually pose a serious threat.

The individuals at highest risk of getting the flu are young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those of us who have chronic health issues.

As my wife lovingly reminds me, I'm immunocompromised. That means it's the start of hand-sanitizer-and-multivitamin season for me.

If you're needing info on where to get a shot, here is a place where you can get flu shots for free.

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