One thing that I believe most of us in Amarillo can agree upon is that we seem to be a hub for drugs. I've lived in a lot of different places, but I've never lived somewhere where I have heard about so many arrests related to drugs in some capacity.

We've heard the stories of Amarillo people fleeing the city and state to seek refuge from a warrant or pending charges.

I will say though that it's a rare occurrence when someone is hiding IN Amarillo to avoid police in the city and state they reside in. We can now say that we've got our first one of 2023 that came here to hide.

Wesley Chapman, a resident of Clovis, NM, was found here in Amarillo after having a warrant issued for his arrest in Clovis.

Back on September 18, 2022, agents from the Region Task Force set in on two homes that were owned by Chapman. Their search of the homes produced 383 fentanyl pills along with 2.75 pounds of methamphetamine. They also found two stolen firearms on the properties.

That would appear to be the time that Chapman fled to Texas in an attempt to thwart the local police from nabbing him. On January 10, his luck came to an end.

He was arrested here and officially charged with trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking of a controlled substance, possession of a stolen firearm, and resisting, evading, or obstructing a police officer.

Makes one wonder just how many people are actually in Amarillo seeking refuge from potential charges in other states.

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