I remember my time in Boy Scouts. It was a lot of fun. Along with the fun came learning how to have a positive impact on your community.

Adrian Avila is working on his community service project for his Eagle Scout badge. He is a freshman at Randall High, and is getting help from the Amarillo Fire Department and American Red Cross to make it happen.

According to a post from Amarillo Fire Department, on October 26 (this Saturday) Adrian and volunteers will be installing smoke alarms in the San Jacinto neighborhood. The goal is install somewhere between 150 to 300 smoke alarms.

They will begin installations at around 11 a.m., and hope to have everything finished by 3 p.m. If you live in San Jacinto and would like to have one installed, you can contact the American Red Cross at 806-376-6300.

The AFD did take a moment to remind everyone that smoke alarms are something we all need to have in our homes. According to the post they "great improve survivability rates during a fire in a home."

You can see photos and read the post from the Amarillo Fire Department below. The post also has more information on how you can get a smoke alarm installed this weekend if you are in the San Jacinto neighborhood.

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