I grew up in New York City and I would often dine at The World Trade Center at Windows On The World. I’m looking forward to high in the sky dining right here in Amarillo.

The Amarillo Club recently began its $1 Million renovations, remodeling and updating the main dining area of the 31st floor in the FirstBank Southwest Tower. The renovation, which began Tuesday, is expected to be completed by Labor Day.

Members of the club will be able to eat, drink and socialize on the 30th floor until the renovations are complete. After Project31 is finished, the 30th floor will also be renovated.

Abhishek Sonkkar, the general manager of the Amarillo Club, said in a news release the club thought it was going to have to close last year after first opening in 1947. But after a 35 percent membership growth and a $1 million investment the club, will redesign the main dining room on the 31st floor with a new color scheme and feature modern, upscale furnishings.

Starting Aug. 31, anyone wanting to become a member will go through a strong vetting process. They must also be co-signed by two existing members, and pay an initiation fee

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