The City of Amarillo is considering switching from dumpsters to cart service for trash pickup.

If you have a dumpster in front of your house or if the dumpsters in the alley are difficult for the trash truck to access, the proposal for switching some areas to Dallas-style cart pickup is welcome.  For others, it’s not a good idea.

Residents who have lived elsewhere with cart trash service say the wind in our area could pose a problem, potentially blowing curb carts blocks away from its designated home.  The potential for more trash blowing in the streets is possible with these carts.

It isn’t a city-wide change that is being proposed, only designated zones that have been identified as problematic for trash trucks.

Amarillo is continuing to have meetings seeking the public’s input in the proposed change.  You are invited to attend one of two remaining meetings.  Meetings are next Wednesday the 24th at Carver Elementary and Thursday the 25th at Hillside Christian Church.

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