Earlier this month, the City of Amarillo put out a press release stating that the city had gone through its supply of monoclonal antibody treatments in the area. Today, the City announced that they have more doses of the monoclonal antibody infusion medication Sotrovimab.

Scheduling For Treatment Is Already Taking Place

According to the statement put out by the City, the Amarillo Public Health Department has already started contacting patients. They will begin with individuals who are already on the referral list, and then move on to new patients while the supply lasts.

Doses Will Be Given At The Amarillo Area Infusion Center

The Infusion Center is located at 808 S. Johnson. While awaiting the arrival of more doses, they have been continuing to take referrals and screen patients. If you are one of those patients, they will be calling you to schedule an appointment.

Amarillo Ran Out After 5,000 Doses

According to the press release earlier this month regarding the supply, Amarillo went through 5,000 doses before running out.

It's another case of Amarillo moving quickly and efficiently. Remember when we were being praised for how quickly we were getting so many vaccinated?

New Patients Being Taken As Long As Supplies Last

The announcement didn't contain any exact numbers when it came to the number of doses. However, it did reiterate that the doses will be available as long as the new supply lasts.

So, if you've been waiting expect to be contacted regarding setting up your appointment. If you're just now getting on the list, you might have to wait just a bit.

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