Every once in a while I see something so beautifully stupid it just makes me pause for a moment and think "There's no way anyone would believe this."

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There is a post going around telling people that inhaling the fumes from a raw onion can cure your Covid-19 infection in less than 15 minutes. I'm not linking to the post because there's no need to help circulate this even more.

But there's some magic in onions

Red Onion.
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Don't get me wrong, There's plenty of legitimate health benefits from onions. They actually do have antioxidants and compounds that help with inflammation and could help with heart disease but this is only long term and like any other food in moderation and when prepared correctly, not sniffed.  There's no such thing as an "instant" fix from anything in an onion. And it's not just me saying this either:

We all want instant fixes

Sick man lying on sofa checking his temperature
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I'm with most people when I say, I'm ready for this COVID-19 stuff to be done. We thought we were done, then we weren't, and it seems folks are touting everything as the no doctor needed cure for a disease that we still to be honest really don't fully understand yet.

I've had family who have unfortunately dealt with this disease and what does work is monoclonal antibodies and experimental treatments like Remdesivir which can only be gotten in hospitals or under a doctor's watch. I'm not going to even get started on hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin which the FDA even says don't go near. The best cure is to not get it in the first place and there are vaccines in place for that.

There are plenty of non medical folks who all of sudden are "experts" I'm talking the internet, media stars, celebrities and the such. These people aren't doctors and most of the advice they dispense shouldn't be taken as such, I don't have a medical degree either, but I figure the only solid piece I have is talk to your doctor about what is right for you. IF you get COVID-19. I'm hoping you don't and none of this even becomes a worry for you.

Think about it... what are you gonna get sniffing an onion.. watery eyes and really bad breath and that doesn't sound like much of a cure for anything. Got a few other covid questions? we might just have an answer or two... and of course... check with the doc for your specific needs.

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