I love surprises. For me, the little surprises of day to day life are what make it worth living for.

And between you and me, I'm a firm believer in looking for surprises in all the most unlikely places. An open mind and a willingness to find joy among the most mundane things around you can really add a splash of color to your world.

With that said, let me show you a recent "score" of mine. You'll love it!

I found this gem of a laundromat listed for sale in the Amarillo Buy/Sell/Trade pages on Facebook. It is an absolutely charming peek inside a small laundromat that's nestled away in north Amarillo.

At first glance, it's just your average laundromat. No bells or whistles--but remember what I said about "little surprises"? It applies here.

Even better, it's not so "little" after all. Check out these fantastic retro arcade games available in the waiting area!

Chelsea Pena w/ Executive Realty
Chelsea Pena w/ Executive Realty

And those aren't the only ones! You'll have to check out the photos below to see where else you can spot them.

The vintage appeal of the arcade games, coupled with the throwback retro feel of the wood paneling, orange back wall and rows of heavy duty washers--I love it! I'm tempted to load up a basket of my oversized blankets and make a trip out there myself.

It's listed with Chelsea Pena with Executive Realty and you can find the full listing easily on their Facebook page and easily get in touch with them on there if you are interested in shelling out the modest asking price.

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