There are times when we get blindsided about an Amarillo restaurant that has closed. We go through the five stages of grief. We feel like we have lost a friend. We reminisce for years and years about our favorite things to eat there.

Go to any Amarillo memories pages on social media and you will know the favorites. We will hear a lot of love for places like Char-Kel, Gardski's, Ruby Tequila's, Leal's, and Bennigan's, just to name a few. There are a ton of places that we do miss.

Then there are the places where we won't even remember the name. I feel this latest entry into the closed restaurants will be one of those. I don't even know when they closed. That is a bad sign.

Just in case you go looking for a place to eat don't have your heart set on Mr. Noodles. Nope, they are closed.

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They didn't even make it a year. They opened last April. Since we don't know for sure when they closed we are not sure if they celebrated their anniversary. The only person that I know who actually ate there said that it wasn't good.

We wouldn't even have known it was closed now if we weren't discussing places in Amarillo. We were trying to guess who might be next to close. Someone mentioned Mr. Noodles. To be fair I had forgotten all about them. So I did a Google Search. That is where I saw the news.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

The Google Listing has them listed as permanently closed. They never really looked open even when they were. So in the not too shocking news here in Amarillo, if you are looking for Mr. Noodles just know they are closed.

Another one bites the dust. Even if this is not too surprising.

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