Let me start by saying I'll give an 'A' for effort on this one.

I've heard of plenty of different ways of smuggling drugs around the U.S. and world, but this was a new one.

Qwonda White was taken into custody after they caught her with five packages of meth.

The burrito shaped bundles were found in a blue suitcase wrapped up in plastic.

So I'll be honest, I've never traveled across the country on a bus. My experience on a bus is from my school years and a random shuttle here and there. Do they not do security checks of bags going on to busses like they do at airports? It boggles me how one got away with moving through the country that long and freely with half a million dollars worth of meth in their bag.

So how did APD manage to find the drugs? Well they were conducting a criminal search a Greyhound bus maintenance barn in town and a drug sniffing dog came upon the suitcase with the meth located inside it.

The baggage tag had White's name written on it, so when she boarded the bus, the driver of the bus identified her by her ticket and she was whisked away.

In the criminal complaint, White said she'd traveled to Phoenix from Michigan to visit a man. She spent a night alone in a hotel there, then the man showed up with a bag and offered to carry her bag to his vehicle for her.

The man had her purchase a ticket to travel back to Michigan, and when she carried her bag from there to the bus, she noticed it was heavier.

Now I'll stop right there, because if your bag was heavier than you remember it being, wouldn't you stop to check the reason why? I mean, it doesn't sound like she bought a bunch of sightseeing things on her short trip. A heavier bag would set off an alarm for most, but she decided to roll with the punches.

Deeper into her interview with police, she admitted she knew the man was a drug dealer and that she was transporting the drugs for him. Guess she either figured it out later or just assumed once caught that's why the bag was heavier.

Stay tuned to this one, because something tells me there's more coming.

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