Looking to keep the kids busy this summer? The Amarillo Public Library is your spot.

The Summer Reading program events have been announced and there is a LOT going on. This year's theme is "Tales and Tails". Creative, but why the 'Tails'?

Well that's the centerpiece of the program this year, "Puppy Tales". This is where the library has therapy dogs come to the library and the kids get to read to the dogs. Seems a bit strange on the surface, but it's actually brilliant. It's a way for kids to feel comfortable reading out loud without the anxiety of being corrected, teased, or told to speed up. It's a no-pressure environment for them to hone those reading skills and enjoy the company of the dog.

That's not the only thing happening with the program. Another cool event that all kids will love is "Touch-A-Truck". The city will be coming out with employees, vehicles and equipment for the kids to explore. Police officers, firefighters and different pieces of equipment from streets and traffic that the kids will be able to touch and see up close will all be a part of this particular program.

A couple of other things happening within "Tales and Tails" will be story walks at the Amarillo Zoo as well as teaming up with Amarillo Animal Welfare & Management for adoption events.

If you want to get more information, you can stop in at the Amarillo Public Library anytime they're open and ask any of the volunteers there. Make it a fun and enriching summer!

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