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It's an annual tradition at most zoos across the nation, and our zoo in Amarillo is no exception. This year, you can name a roach, cricket, or rodent after someone. Then, on Feb 13, you can watch as they get devoured.

Usually, the idea is that you name them after an ex or someone who gets on your nerves. I suppose a person could name a rodent after someone they still have strong feelings for, but that gives off really weird "Willard" vibes.

If you never saw the movie, follow this link and broaden your horizons.

The Amarillo Zoo will provide you with a digital certificate they encourage you to share, send, and post. You can get the details by following this link.

There are a lot of names a person could assign to one of these snacks creatures. Karen comes to mind given the now general acceptance of Karen as more of a description and not a name.

Corona would be a good one. Covid would be another excellent choice.

I imagine Jason could be a popular choice this year.

This is the kind of thing my friends and I would get each other for Valentine's Day when we were young bachelors. We called it "Pal-entine's" and it was always gag gifts and things you had to hide from your parents.

Whether you get this as a gag gift, or if you're using it to get some kind of closure after a really bad breakup where she kept your favorite hoodie, you'll still be able to watch the feeding take place.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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