We have watched it happen. Amarillo is growing. Oh and pretty darn fast too. Just drive down any main road in our great city and think about what used to be. I decided to do that recently.

I took a trip down memory lane with Coulter Street. Back in the nineties I lived in Westgate Manor. Which is not longer Westgate Manor it's called Coulter Landing now. My husband at the time worked at All the Fixins. Remember them? They are now Texas  Firehouse.

There was Santa Fe right there too. It is now Public House but has been a few other restaurants since then. See memory lane. It happens. Amarillo continues to grow and change.

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When I was going through this journey I had totally forgot there was a Blockbuster Video located at 34th and Coulter. Wow another blast from the past. I remember there being a kids place in that area too with jump places for them. I remember taking my daughter there. Ooh, was it called Jump and Jive? I think it just came to me.

See how these trips bring back even more memories? It's crazy. Coulter Street had a lot. They still do. It's just a lot different. There were a lot of empty fields that are now thriving businesses. It's great to see.

Take a trip down Coulter Street's memory lane with me.

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