I love keeping up with Top of Texas Pro Wrestling, even if I can't make it out very often to watch. That might be changing soon, though. TOT Pro Wrestling is getting a new home.

Recently, Top Of Texas Pro Wrestling announced they would be moving to a new home. Bye bye WrestlePlex.

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There is no shortage of entertainment to be found on their Facebook page. They've got it all. Highlights of the action, smack-talk between wrestlers, and even messages from the GM.

With all of the new guidelines issued by the state regarding crowds, gatherings, and events the search began for a new venue, and they found one. Their new home even includes heating and air conditioning.

Keeping with the spirit of all things entertainment, and professional wrestling, the GM recently took a moment to speak about it on social media. Bragging about the new facility, he stopped short of giving any major details and giving any sneak peeks at the new home for Top Of Texas Pro Wrestling.

To further tease all of the big things happening, a post was made yesterday saying that there would be some big news released later this week.

If I were a betting man, I would wager that they will be announcing a big event for the near future. Given the way things have gone in 2020, I'll keep my fingers crossed but not get my hopes up.

It's nice to see that soon wrestling will return, and TOT will be back to entertaining crowds. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

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