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Entertainment options have been hard to come by in 2020. Shutdowns, rules and regulations; they've all played a part in reducing capacity or closing doors. This month, local professional wrestling is back in Yellow City.

has gone through a few changes this year. The biggest being that they are now in a better facility.

To celebrate, they're having their open house tomorrow (11/7). It's an opportunity for the community to see the facility, meet the wrestlers, and enjoy a bbq plate with a $5 donation. That event lasts from 4 PM - 6 PM.

Then, on November 28 Top Of Texas Pro Wrestling officially kicks things off at their new facility with their first event, "Rebirth 2020." You can get the details here.

A video was recently posted to T.O.T.'s Facebook page. In it, Gino Rivera calls out Amarillo...the state of Texas, really...and issues a challenge for anyone to step in the ring.

I'm not really sure what to expect now on Nov 28 at Rebirth 2020. This challenge issued by Rivera at least has my curiosity twitching.

What surprises are in store?

We know it's a big night. It's the "rebirth" of pro wrestling in the Texas panhandle. We know they're going to be pulling out all the stops to give us an incredible show; or at least we assume that.

I would wager that there is going to be some kind of big surprise awaiting us all on Nov 28. In the meantime, Gino is reminding me, a little bit, of my favorite comedian/actor of possibly all time. Andy Kaufman.

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