A lot of talk is being made about the weather in Amarillo right now, and with good reason. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could mean the difference between life and death.

Fortunately for this woman, she survived a most harrowing situation in Palo Duro Canyon.

On Sunday, a flash flood took over the area and with so many areas in Palo Duro Canyon under water due to the recent weather, it didn't take long for the area to fill up. A woman was driving through in her car when she got caught in rapidly rising low water crossing areas in the canyon.

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Park Police Officer Laramy Estel told ABC 7 News Amarillo, "When we arrived, there was a car submerged. Basically, fully submerged up to the back glass window with a lady trapped inside it."

Now there's something you don't ever want to see, a car full of water with someone trapped in it. It's not that she was being careless with the weather, flash floods can happen in a matter of minutes, hence the 'flash' part of the phrase. So how was this woman able to escape her car?

"I was able to swim out to her and break the back glass and get her out of the vehicle", Estel said. He went on to say that the path he took to her was at least 5 feet deep. There is no car that will make it through 5+ feet of water.

The woman was transported to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. She is alive thanks to the heroics of Estel, but it serves as a reminder that anytime we see or hear about severe weather coming into the area, we should immediately get off the roads and find somewhere to ride it out until it's safe to be back on the roads again.

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