Amy Lee is certainly embracing the vibe and the feel of her latest song "Speak to Me" in the brand new video that just arrived. Lee uses a beautiful gothic-looking Italian castle and its surroundings as the set for the video, mirroring a bit of the film Voice From the Stone, which features the song in the end credits.

Lee wrote the song with Michael Wandmacher for the upcoming film, which stars Emilia Clarke and Marton Csokas. The period piece centers on a young nurse (Clarke) called to look after a child after he has fallen silent following the sudden death of his mother. "As a new mother myself, the film resonated very deeply with me. I had the opportunity to work closely with Eric Howell, who directed the film, and Michael Wandmacher, who composed the score. I was very moved by the movie, and after having my first conversation with Eric and Michael, I felt a surge of inspiration and immediately began writing," explained Lee.

In the clip above, you'll see Lee wandering the nearby forest, walking amongst the well manicured gardens and playing piano on the stone balcony of the aforementioned castle. It's definitely an eye-catching visual to go along with the haunting song.

Voice From the Stone will be in select theaters the weekend of April 28, and you can pick up the "Speak to Me" song via iTunes.

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