It's no coincidence Amy Lee's first single with Evanescence was called "Bring Me To Life" — the singer's booming tone could awaken the better part of a graveyard.

From the release of the band's thunderous 2003 debut album Fallen, Lee's voice has been heralded as a rock-edged wrecking ball: solid, unwavering and capable of razing city blocks. The album unsurprisingly went on to sell more than 17 million albums worldwide and win the band the 2004 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance.

Lee went on to release 2006's The Open Door and 2011's Evanescence with the group, and continued to leave audiences stunned by painting "My Immortal," "Call Me When You're Sober" and more tracks with bellows that could compete with windstorms. And while she announced in 2014 that she'd proceed as an independent artist, her tracks have been no less hell-raising.

Above are some of Lee's most mesmerizing vocals, from "Broken" to "Lithium" and many sets in between. Check out the best, and let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments!

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