There's nothing I hate seeing than people who get away with things they shouldn't. Back at the beginning of the month someone or a group of folks in a vehicle went around Amarillo and fired shots into at least 5 vehicles and unfortunately one of those drivers paid the ultimate price. Amarillo Police have been looking for the party since and there might finally be a little break. not much but video released could be what helps.

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I'm not big on recapping the whole events and you can follow the original story and I'll be the first to say I'd love to see this person or persons get what they deserve. The whole event sure lead to a lot of uneasy feelings among many of us here in Amarillo and I'll admit I still feel a little iffy about going out at night. That's not the way any of us want things here in the yellow city.

The Video

Amarillo Police asked for help with video from that evening and sure enough Amarillo stepped up. While it isn't the greatest, its a start. in each of the videos you can clearly see it is the same vehicle but not really much else than that. There's no real closeups.

We all want the same thing, We just want to see the folks who did this brought to justice. There's two families who no doubt also would like to bring this event to a close as well. If you happen to know anything or have additional video or photos that could help, the folks at Amarillo Crime Stoppers would love to hear from you. They have a tip line available too and you can stay anonymous.

Amarillo's Most Wanted: Help Bring These Fugitives to Justice

These are the fugitives who make up Amarillo's Most Wanted list. The individuals on this list have been accused of serious crimes and are considered a danger to society.

If you have any information about these FUGITIVES, you are urged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at (806) 374-4400 or submit a Web Tip by visiting THIS LINK


You do not have to give your name. AMARILLO CRIME STOPPERS will pay a reward of up to $300 and you WILL remain anonymous. 

Updated as of 9/30/2021

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All information and photos have been taken from TDCJ and court records.

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