For AXE's 2013 Super Bowl commercial, the body spray company strays a bit from its typical formula of good-looking women who are inexplicably in hot pursuit of average men.

Granted the spot does feature a bikini-clad babe. In this case, she is swimming in the ocean when the ominous dorsal fin of a shark approaches. But, never fear, the lifeguard is on the case and he jumps in the water and rescues the young lady from the sea predator.

Romantic music plays as the damsel-in-distress and the hero lock eyes. But, wait, what's that in the corner? It's an astronaut, and once the woman notices him walking their way she immediately ditches the fellow who just saved her from a watery grave and runs toward Mr. Space Suit.

"Nothing beats an astronaut," reads a caption onscreen.

It's all part of a promotion AXE is holding to send 22 regular folks to the AXE Apollo Space Academy and eventually to outer space.

Does AXE's 2013 Super Bowl commercial have what it takes to make space travel cool again?

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