After the groundhog didn't see his shadow last week we started to get excited. Hey, maybe the worst of it is over. This is Texas. That doesn't mean these spring days we have been having are here to stay.

You haven't been here long if you are not expecting another round of cold and even snow. Even after that attempt to shut down our spring dreams, we will still continue to hope for nice weather. We are optimistic like that.

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We also know that we can get snow way into May. If you think back to 2005 Amarillo got snow on May 2-3 and not just a dusting. During that timeframe, we saw almost five inches of snow. So it doesn't really matter what the groundhog or even the Texas Armadillo says.

Snow is always a possibility. If you are looking forward to a nice spring forecast this weekend think again. More cold and snow is moving into Texas. You may be hoping for a calm Super Bowl but if things keep the way they are you are going to see a white Superbowl. I guess that makes up for not having a white Christmas.

It's still winter so regardless we shouldn't be surprised. You will get the people around here who are happy about the moisture. Yes, we all know that we need it. I just know there are more of us that would rather get the rain.

None of us complained about the moisture we got recently on Wednesday. Why? Because it came down as rain. There were no freezing temperatures. It was nice. Come Sunday there will be people complaining if we get the snow.

So just know that winter is not over. It could make our Super Bowl Sunday a little cold and depending on how much we get, not fun. Hey, it's Amarillo and we should expect it.

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