News came out this week that the Big 12 will continue with their football season. This is great news, as one of the few games I really look forward to every year is the Red River Showdown.

The conference is going to kick off the season in September. There are a lot of regulations in place when it comes to players to keep them safe.

They will be tested three times a week for Covid-19, according to news reports. According to other reports, if a player should test positive, once they are done with treatment and quarantine there will be an emphasis placed on their cardiac health due to the possibility of heart problems.

They are also ramping up protocols for preparing stadiums to host games, and will be requiring out of conference teams to uphold the same standards as the Big 12.

The big question left though, is will we be able to be there? Even with all of the decisions being made regarding the upcoming season, officials with the Big 12 have admitted that things are always subject to change.

As of right now, there's no conference-wide answer when it comes to the presence of fans in the stands. Many speculate that there will be the expected limited capacity, with emphasis on social distancing.

The most we have when it comes to crowd attendance is that it will be left up to the individual schools to determine their own policy.

At least the players are getting a chance to have a season, even if that means I have to watch from the comfort of my couch instead of in person.

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