This past weekend, my family took a little trip just outside of Texas.

I'd love to say it was for an actual vacation, but as it goes with my family, it was for a baseball tournament.

Let me start by saying the team went 2-2 over the weekend, playing teams a full age level up. Super proud of them, couldn't have asked for any better. They only lost to the eventual champion of the tourney, once in pool play on Saturday then getting knocked out by them in the semifinals on Sunday.

As impressed as I was with the boys' play, I was equally impressed by the little town of Elk City. When you drive in, it feels like a "pass-through" kinda town. Something you just go through to get to your final destination, but it's far from that.

Just as you get into town, you see one of the oldest looking United Supermarkets left standing. They still even have the old-school look as if you were looking at pictures from the 1950s or 60s. That old town charm is impossible to replicate, and you can tell when it's authentic like it is here.

The high school baseball field fits right in with the charm of the town as it's lined with bricks on the outside which is something you'd see WAY back in the day with even Major League Baseball stadiums.

More than all of that was just how busy the city is on a week-to-week basis. We sat down after our games on Saturday evening for dinner. On the table was a three-sided placard with a lot of writing on it. So out of curiosity, I picked it up to look at it.

On each side of the placard was a list of events going on in Elk City for the next three months. This thing was LOADED with different types of events. There were softball and baseball tournaments of course, they've got this incredible facility for it there.

However, each weekend showed a little something for everyone to participate in. Just in the month of May, you can spend the day shopping at the Southwest Rustic Market, enjoy the Kiwanis Karnival, attend the Ackley Park opening ceremonies, play in a golf tournament and get down with the Elk City Block Party.

You don't see this many events in a major city over the course of a month. In this town of nearly 12,000 people, there are enough events to keep yourself busy every single weekend.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this jam-packed calendar here.

My plan is to go back in the very near future and take part in something OTHER than baseball. Something tells me this place is a ripping good time on the regular.

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