It's a predicament we've all run into. You're in United doing your shopping for the week...and something is missing.

Well it seems to be happening more and more these days, and we don't really have an end in sight.

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So what's going on? Big time suppliers and brands are starting to go missing from store shelves, and it's getting frustrating. You see, it's not the actual product that is in short supply. No, that part is fine.

It's the supplies they use for packaging that is becoming difficult to find, and because of it, product makers aren't quite sure how to package your favorite grocery item. Glass, aluminum, resin, etc. are becoming harder and harder to get their hands on and now they can't get that ketchup in the squeeze container. Chips don't have the aluminum needed to store the tasty treats in. I'm starting to worry about my beer since they use both glass and aluminum to hold my weekend beverage.

Kora Rush, the supply chain director for United Supermarkets told NewsChannel 10, “There are time’s when products that was available last week may not be available this week,” and that's just not something we want to hear.

What if you need that certain item to make a family favorite, you know, the meal that even the kids will devour? Well, Rush has an interesting compromise. She says, “We just encourage our guests to be flexible to be willing to try something or a flavor or a size they’ve not bought before.”

I can tell you as a dad with young children, a different flavor could cause pure pandemonium and throw them into an uncontrollable rage. But hey, we have to do what we have to do.

So if you can't find that item on the shelves, don't panic. It WILL get better, we just have to adapt and that's something we've all gotten pretty good at over the last 18 months.

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