Thanks to Amarillo residents, Canyon has a growing problem.

Recently Amarillo closed the brush sites in the city limits, mainly due to the fire hazard.  Residents were asked to begin taking their tree limbs, shrubs and other brush to the landfill outside the city limits.  Although still free to dump those items, many Amarillo residents have utilized an option closer than the landfill.  They’ve been dumping at the site inside Canyon.

The site in Canyon has gotten so much traffic the city has decided to temporarily close the site while they deal with the overflow.  Canyon is also working on long term solution to the problem.  While the site is closed, Canyon residents are asked to put their brush in the allies but away from water meters.

Canyon spends around $45,000 per year to have the wood chipped by a third party.  It is estimated that if Amarillo residents continue to use the site that cost would jump to around $1.5 million per year.  Canyon is considering having the site monitored and while dumping would still be free for Canyon residents, Amarillo dumpers would be asked to pay a fee.

There is no timeline for when the issue will be resolved and the brush site will reopen.

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