One thing the pandemic has taught us is that sometimes, you just can't find the things you need. Well, COVID-19 isn't the cause of this issue, but it's definitely an unwanted one. You see, there's a national chlorine shortage, and after a year of pools around the country being closed, this could create some issues.

When Hurricane Laura barreled through, it left a ton of devastation in it's wake, but this one could affect how summer is operated a full year later. One of BioLab's facilities caught fire in the hurricane, and it completely wiped it out. Why is this significant? Well, BioLab is one of the largest makers of chlorine tablets, and we will be without that facility this summer.

What does this mean for Amarillo? It means a rush on purchasing chlorine to make sure you have enough to get through the summer for your home pool. This is something that could affect all the community and public pools in the area, and have them fighting to stay open.

According to Shaughn O'Bready, owner of Irish Springs Pools & Spas, "People are now coming out and trying to stockpile on chlorine just like they did toilet paper, paper towels. There's this fear of everyone running out of chlorine." And when the chlorine DOES run out, those public and community pools that were shut down last summer, may find themselves in that same spot this summer.

A word to the wise, PLEASE only buy what you NEED. If you over purchase, you'll leave hundreds, if not thousands of kids with one of their main summer fun activities.

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